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About The Company

SOMPRADIP PUBLISHERS AND CONSULTANTS is a partnership enterprise engaged in the publication of books of literature, science and technologies of diverse kinds. The company is also devoted to consultancy work in all areas of biotechnology, drugs pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and allied areas. The partners are professionals in the areas where consultancy services are provided. The DEED of Partnership is registered in Delhi of June 3, 2015.


The Promoters

Dr Prasanta Kumar Ghosh is a Chemical Engineer by profession; he obtained his M. Tech & Ph D degrees from Calcutta University. He served the Indian Government in various capacities and later in the private Indian industries dealing with biotechnologies, pharmaceuticals and APIs.(Ms) Deepali Ghosh is a Graduate in  life-sciences from Calcutta University and has profound interest in  biology.


Mission & Vision

To become a knowledge-based publisher and consultant company in Biotechnology. To publish books in literature and science, especially on subjects of Biotechnology to forge mutually beneficial relationships among us and our clients.

To be a responsible company for the public.



The Company’s strategy is to build its brand image and to service multiple Clients.


Our Publications and Updates

Similar Biologics-Global Opportunities”- Research Paper




Enquiries can be had by contacting us at C2B/5A, Janakpuri, New, Delhi-110058 (INDIA) or by e-mail at or